Fluxo NDT Products by SREM Technologies

SREM Technologies offers a full Range of MAGNETIC PARTICLE INPECTION & PENETRANT TESTING products, with the FLUXO Range, available in aerosol cans.   Fluxo line conforms to the following international standards: ASME / RCCM / Nuclear Quality (Low in Sulphur & Halogens) / ISO / AMS / ASTM.



MPI Aerosols

FLUXO 3 Black Magnetic Ink

It is a black magnetic powder mixed with carrier to find microscopic cracks in ferrous metals by magnetic particle method. It is highly sensitive for inspecting critical parts and marks indications with more precise, and easier to read flaw image. It is widely used for both manufacturing and preventive maintenance inspection.  500 ml spray can.

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FLUXO 4 White Contrast Paint

FLUXO 4 provides a high contrast background for interpreting magnetic particle indications. By applying white, FLUXO 4 contrast paint to a part before magnetic particle inspection, indications will show more clearly against a white background and be easier to interpret. FLUXO 4 enhances the visibility of black or red-brown magnetic particles under white light conditions. FLUXO 4 is very useful when the color of the surface being inspected approaches the color of the dark magnetic particles. 500 ml spray can.

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FLUXO 5 Solvent for White Contrast Paint

FLUXO 5 allows for fast removal of white contrast paint.  High evaporation rate. 500 ml spray can.

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FLUXO 6 Fluorescent Magnetic Ink

Conform to EN ISO 9934-2 and AMS. High Fluorescence & Optimized Granulometry 500 ml spray can.

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FLUXO 215 Water Based Black Magnetic Ink

  • Same Sensitivity as a classic MPI Ink
  • Includes corrosion inhibitor an others additives
  • No flammable propellants (Compressed Air)
  • More usable Test Medium than an aerosol with butane/propane propellant
  • Ideal for capacity control
  • VOC or Petroleum Content : 0%
  • WATER Content : 98%
  • 400ml spray can

Conforms to: ASME / ISO 9934-2 / ASTM E1444 / AMS 3042 & 3044 / Low in Sulphur & Halogens

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MPI Powders


Full Range of MPI Powders for dilution in petroleum of Water (with additives) – Fluorescent & Visible - Conform to EN ISO 9934-2 / ASME / ASTM / AMS.

Fluxo 13 Grey PowderFLUXO 13 Grey Powder - 20Kg

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FLUXO 15 Black Powder - 5Kg

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Fluxo 19 Red PowderFLUXO 19 Red Powder - 5Kg

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MPI Concentrates

FLUXO MPI Concentrates - Full Range of MPI Concentrate for dilution in Water – Fluorescent & Visible - NOT DANGEROUS - Conform to EN ISO 9934-2 / ASME / ASTM / AMS.

FLUXO 9 Standard Concentrate Powder Form - Fluorescent. Mix Ratio: 10 g/L Water - 5 Kg

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FLUXO 215 Standard Concentrate Black.  Mix Ratio: 2.0% in Water - 200g

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FLUXO 309 Standard Concentrate Fluorescent.  Mix Ratio: 2.5% in Water - 5 Kg

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LPI Aerosols

FLUXO P125 Red Dye Penetrant: Sensitivity 2 - Conform to EN ISO 3452-2 Water washable or solvent removable

FLUXO R175 Developer: High Sensibility - High Evaporation Rate

FLUXO N130 Penetrant Remover: Removes excess of penetrant

FLUXO S190 Solvent Cleaner: Degreasing agent, High Evaporation Rate

FLUXO R180 Low Temperature Developer: Better evaporation rate in low temperatures




FLUXO P125 Technical Data Sheet

Fluxo R175 Technical Data Sheet

Fluxo N130 Technical Data Sheet

Fluxo S190 Technical Data Sheet

Fluxo R180 Technical Data Sheet