DL-2206 LED Film Viewer

Robust, modern and easy to use! With enough light intensity to easily read 4.0D and 50,000 hours LED life, this unit will offer reliability and efficient operation.



DL-3010 High Intensity LED Film Viewer

First industrial viewer on the market to exceed the Code's requirements!


110V High Intensity LED Film Viewer

This is one of our most popular film viewers.  Exlusive to Spencer Manufacturing, it features high-strength aluminum enclosure, quiet cooling fans and replaceable viewer lens.  Best suited for stationary use.  Two viewing masks are included.

LED Film Flasher

Film flasher is an essential piece of equipment in any radiography unit.  Commonly used to enter location and identification information onto the film.

We keep stock of many of the popular sizes and configurations of Image Quality Indicators (IQIs) and Penetrameters. If you need a size that is not represented in this table please contact us .

Tungsten Collimators

We offer tungsten collimators in two sizes and configurations for cable operated exposure devices.  Standard configuration is 60° conical side beam.