Film Developing Hangers

  • Wolf hangers drop type construction makes development easier, prevents spilling and streaked negatives. They feature 1-piece stainless steel construction with an interlock clip for perfect pin and hole alignment.
  • 14" X 17" Stainless steel Wolf film processing hangers
  • Four Clips for multiple film type configuration

Magnetic FIlm Holder

  • Versatile, rugged holder for cassettes or warning signs
  • Can also be used for securing guide tubes/head hoses
  • Lightweight plastic construction, with strong magnet

Film Developing Reels

Always handy, the film developing reels accept 70mm wide film.  Can be disassembled into three parts for easy cleaning and storage.

Chemical Tanks

Exclusive to Spencer Manufacturing, our chemical tanks are constructed of molded PVC and designed to fit our darkrooms (both the long-box and the short-box styles).  Feature all-stainless hardware, user-replaceable silicone lid seal and optional bottom 1" drain hole with silicone plug.

Comparator Shims

Dimensions: 20mm X 45mm X 2.4mm as per Code

Steel Shims - for ASME Penetrameters
Dimensions: 5/8" x 1 5/8" x 1/16"


LED Film Viewer Spencer Manufacturing Canada

Dual Power LED Film Viewer

Robust, lightweight, cost effective and easy to use! This very much sums all the pros of our new film viewer.