The RDS-30 Radiation Survey Meter is a versatile gamma radiation detector, which has been designed for a wide range of applications involving a possibility for abnormal radiation levels.

Compact, lightweight, waterproof, it’s performance and it’s user friendly interface make the RDS-30 perfectly suited to radiation survey in field conditions as in nuclear industry or for protection against radiological hazards. 

RDS-30 comes with Windows-based configuration software and USB IrDA adapter.


Detected Radiation: Gamma and X-ray radiation
Range: 1 mR/hr to 10 R/hr
Alarm Levels: Adjustable for dose rate and accumulated dose
Accuracy: +/- 10% over the entire range
Batteries: two AA cells, 2000+ hrs battery life
Operating Conditions: -25°C to +55°C
Measurement and displays in μSv/h or mrem/h
Dose measurement indication
Visual and audible alarms
Large, backlit display