MGP SOR/R Digital Dosimeter

The SOR is a multi-purpose digital dosimeter designed for defence applications.  It provides full detection of all types of nuclear threat, from very low doses (technological and radiological risks) through to very high doses (tactical risks), and is manufactured to NATO D104 standards.  An important special feature of the SOR Line is its ability to meet the needs of various applications with one product.  Given its multi-detector architecture the measurement range cover is broad, and includes high level gamma and neutron dose rates as well as low level radiations (LLR).


- residual/ambient gamma measurements
- Assignable electronic dosimeters
- Waterproof, light and small
- Rugged for battlefield use
- Hand free communication, pass-by exchange
- Data communication through clothing layers

Basic Specifications:
- Detected Radiation: Gamma and X-ray radiation
- Range: 1 mR/hr to 10 R/hr
- Alarm Levels: Adjustable for dose rate and accumulated dose
- Accuracy: <± 10%
- Operating Conditions: -20°C to + 50°C (normal operating range,standard battery 3V LiMnO2 CR2450) or -40°C to + 50°C (option with battery module 3.6V LiSoCl2)
- Resistant to EMP, EMC, radars
- Resistant to water immersion (IP67: 1 m / 39.3 in) ,
drops, shocks,vibrations, low pressure