The RDS-30 Radiation Survey Meter is a versatile gamma radiation detector, which has been designed for a wide range of applications involving a possibility for abnormal radiation levels.

Inspector +

Now with an adjustable alert, the Inspector+ is a small, handheld, microprocessor-based instrument which offers excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. The digital readout is displayed with a red count light and a beeper sounds with each count detected. Other features include an adjustable timer, external calibration controls and selectable alert. 

Rigid, simple, cold-war tested and reliable.  This unit, while slowly being phased out, is still extremely popular amongst the professionals due to its simple construction and relatively low repair costs. 

DMC 3000 Digital Dosimeter

Covering a wide range of X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection, DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter represents over 25 years of real-world electronic dosimetry experience, continually refined through customer feedback. The unique, high contrast and backlit LCD display provides a clear indication of wearer’s dose and ambient dose rate for deep dose equivalent. More importantly, multiple methods (audible, visual, and tactile) are utilized to alert the wearer of alarm conditions.

Rados Rad-60R Digital Dosimeter

The RADOS RAD-60 Personal Alarm Dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for ensuring the personal safety of the user. Ideally, the RAD-60 is used in everyday radiation monitoring, in stand-alone conditions. If your needs grow for a more sophisticated system, the versatile RAD-60 can also be integrated into an Access Control System. The RAD-60 can be switched into System Mode, for the purpose of tracking Personnel Dose records and generating compliance reports.

Radiation Alert® Sentry EC Dosimeter & Ratemeter

The Radiation Alert® Sentry EC is a Personal Alarming Dosimeter / Ratemeter designed to ensure the safety of personnel that work in occupations with potential x-ray or gamma exposure.

The pocket sized unit has an energy compensated GM tube for a linear response to gamma and built in memory for recording data points for tracking accumulated exposure. The SentryCom Software (included) enables you to generate incident reconstruction for analysis. The software also permits you to easily set the vibrating and audio alert to your desired levels for dose and dose rate.

Use the audio switch to choose between audible clicks with each count recieved or a discreet silent mode.

MGP SOR/R Digital Dosimeter

The SOR is a multi-purpose digital dosimeter designed for defence applications.  It provides full detection of all types of nuclear threat, from very low doses (technological and radiological risks) through to very high doses (tactical risks), and is manufactured to NATO D104 standards.  An important special feature of the SOR Line is its ability to meet the needs of various applications with one product.  Given its multi-detector architecture the measurement range cover is broad, and includes high level gamma and neutron dose rates as well as low level radiations (LLR).