A number of years ago we noticed an increasing demand for short box darkrooms. We decided to start offering them as an alternative to the traditional long box design. After a few months of prototyping and trouble shooting we were able to finally offer a short box darkroom to our customers.

 The short box darkroom construction details are essentially the same as the long box, just in a smaller package. It features the same insulated timber frame construction and smooth aluminium exterior along with the same fiberglass reinforcement and water proofing on the interior. However our short box design includes an open concept work area opposed to the traditional  cubby hole style of the long box. In addition it features an extra storage unit behind the seat to make up for the storage lost in shortening the darkroom.

 Both our darkroom styles include a coolant bypass valve which allows the user to regulate the flow of coolant to the darkrooms heating system. When used in combination with the chill chaser shut off valve this system allows the user to increase / decrease or completely stop the flow of coolant to the darkroom.

Dimensional Specifications

Overall Length: 75"
Overall Width: 59 3/4"
Overall Height: 66 1/2"
Interior height: 59"


Standard Equipment

  • tank bay accommodates four 7.5 gallon developing tanks  
  • vented film dryer holds 14 standard film hangers plus hanger storage
  • arborite - finished work area with storage beneath
  • storage below and behind the seat
  • high-contrast, high-visibility switches
  • overhead cabinets with generous storage area
  • LED lights
  • LED dimmable safe light
  • 12V  bus heater
  • 110V power via external plug-in
  • 110V 900W electric heater
  • two marine grade speakers
  • both 12V and 110V light and power outlets
  • insulated main door with secure locking mechanism
  • amber rotating beacon
  • two lockable outside storage compartments