Folding Radiation Warning Signs

Fast and easy to set-up around the shop or job site!


Chemisty Agitator - full stainless steel construction.  Completes accessory list of any mobile or stationary darkroom.

Emergency Shield

Lead shield for use in emergency conditions with any radiographic exposure device. The design meets the minimum 100 times attenuation value, as specified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commision.

Powder-coated steel construction, filled with lead.



Exposure Device Storage Boxes

All steel welded construction with provisions for secure padlock locking. Each storage box comes with the "Caution Radioactive Material" warning sign attached to the front door. Storage boxes are available in following size:

  • Width X Height X Depth: 9" X 10 3/8" X 14"


Cassette material made out of rugged light proof material.

Available in 70mm, 3 1/2” and 4 1/2” sizes.

Magnet Stand

  • Uses versitile on-off MagSwitch Magsquare magnet base
  • Used to hold camera head hose in a variety of difficult shooting positions.
  • Adjustable holding arm and head hose clamp
  • Rated for 100 lbs. of pulling power

Radiation Warning Signs

We carry wide assortment of radiation warning signs, please see the selection below.