ChemPact® powdered chemistries

ChemPact®, which is a product line offering by FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc., features vacuum-sealed dry chemistry that ensures long-term stability and 100% freshness, and more than doubles the shelf life of comparative liquid solutions.

The dry chemical composition makes ChemPact® impervious to weather-related temperature extremes in storage, transportation and onsite operations. Premeasured in the pack for accuracy, ChemPact® eliminates costly measuring mistakes and mess and also weighs much less than liquid, reducing shipping costs while making it easier to handle. What is more, the system also commands a much smaller footprint than the liquid alternative, freeing up valuable warehouse and onsite


The main benefits are :

  • Each vacuum-sealed package weighs 8 pounds or less, and contains enough chemicals to make 5.3 gallons of liquid developer or fixer.
  • An exceptionally clean, easy to use chemical system
  • Reduced shipment costs (no water to ship)
  • Reduced storage space
  • Light, easy to carry chemical packs
  • Minimal packaging waste