Colenta INDX 43 2.0b Industrial X-Ray Processors

We are very happy to announce our appointment as official Canadian distributor!

COLENTA’s INDX-processors were developed on base of the MP units, but in order to meet the highest quality requirements for processing of industrial X-ray films, additional features are implemented in the INDX units. A special NDT-film developer / fixer crossover assy (patent pending) guarantees an absolute even processing all across the film size and running backs and flame pattern free (on both emulsion sides) results, dedicating the INDX units to be used for the most delicate jobs in the NDT X-ray testing.

Colenta INDX 43 2.0b Industrial X-Ray Processors

The INDX 43 2.0b is the new addition to the Colenta INDX family providing higher productivity and greater flexibility over the earlier 37 2.0b model and with the minimum increase in cost – A fully automatic medium range film processor designed for free standing or “through-wall” darkroom loading incorporating a warm air, flat path dryer with an inbuilt internal air flow / exhaust to ensure efficient drying and good operating conditions.
It provides a maximum feed width of 43cm/17in for sheet and roll film and easily adapted to the preference of a table position or onto an open stand.

Leaflet INDX 43 2.0b

Datasheet INDX 43 2.0b

Pre-installation INDX 43 2.0b