FUJIFILM Dynamix HR2 is a revolutionary digital imagining system.  The world's top class high spatial and density resolution and Excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) produce superb image quality




Computed Radiography, also known as Phosphor Plate Imaging, was developed by Fujifilm. In the 1980’s. NDT versions of this particular technology have been available to the NDT marketplace since 1991. As the Technology developed, various versions of Fujifilm Computed Radiography Systems have evolved into Excellent Film Replacement Technology. Our latest development, the DynamIx Series HR2, reflects State of the Art Digital Radiographic Image Technology including consistent user defined image generation software using quantitative values coupled with advanced image display, archiving, communications and sharing systems, as well as hard copy availability.

The DynamIx Series offers ease of use, consistent Image Quality, High Volume Image Generation, and a service network unmatched in the NDT Market Place.

The Fujifilm Unique Process and Work Flowqualify Fujifilm Computed Radiography as a true film replacement. The method of pre-selecting all treatments of the image file eliminates the need for performing various alterations and adjustments to the image after it has been generated and displayed.


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