Vidisco FlashX Pro Digital Radiography System

The FlashX Pro digital X-ray system is the ideal system for your NDT needs, as it offers amazing 16 bit (65,536 Grey levels) images which enable the highest level of detection and identification of hairline cracks. The system’s flat panel is thin, lightweight and has the largest imaging area of all of Vidisco’s panels. As with all of Vidisco’s systems, the FlashX Pro fits into an easy-to-carry suitcase and can be set up in minutes.

Consequentially, dose level is reduced and exposure times are shortened from minutes to mere seconds. FlashXPro is easy to set up in the field and to integrate in laboratories. Fast wireless solutions offer additional flexibility. Highest quality images are available for immediate analysis. User friendly, yet advanced professional Xbit Pro software allows for precise, on-site detection. Time to results is significantly shortened! Vidisco Portable Digital Radiography system thus enable fast ROI (return on investment). Digital Radiography (DR) is the most advanced X-ray technology available. FlashXPro’s high detection quantum efficiency (DQE) dramatically increases NDT profitability.  The system is available in a rugged case or backpack. FlashXPro is compatible with current industry standards.



The FlashX Pro portable X-ray system can be connected using up to 200m of cables or via a wireless communication of 300m (line of sight). Learn more about FlashX Pro operation modes by reviewing these connection diagrams


Full Specifications and Details

FlashX Pro Brochure

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