NOVO Portable Digital Radiography Systems

NOVO’s portable digital radiography systems for NDT applications provide a complete solution for grabbing x-ray images in the most extreme & demanding environments. NOVO’s systems are the lightest and most durable of their kind and offer unique capacities.

In contrast to film or Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography (DR) uses an X-ray digital image capturing device (Detector).
This technology enables to generate immediate and high quality X-ray images while keeping radiation levels to the minimum. Once generated, the X-ray image is displayed on a tablet within seconds then using NOVO User Friendly proprietary software the image can be processed, enhanced, shared and digitally stored and accessed on the spot.  Having DR as it's core technology NOVO has developed and customized  a  compact,  lightweight,  rugged,  weather proof  system  with  wireless  and  battery  operation capabilities. These features allow to examine tight and elevated places, offer a fast workflow and prolong operation time making the system ideal for the various NDT applications.

Vidisco RayzorX Pro Digital Radiography System

Vidisco’s RayzorX portable X-ray inspection system is based on the thinnest imager ever built! With just 13mm depth, it can fit into tight places and provide razor sharp X-ray imaging - enabling detection in the most challenging of conditions. Packed into a single ruggedized case on wheels (or a backpack) the RayzorX portable X-ray system can be easily transported from one place to another  by one person for immediate and safe X-ray inspection; anytime, anywhere!

Vidisco FlashX Pro Digital Radiography System

The FlashX Pro digital X-ray system is the ideal system for your NDT needs, as it offers amazing 16 bit (65,536 Grey levels) images which enable the highest level of detection and identification of hairline cracks. The system’s flat panel is thin, lightweight and has the largest imaging area of all of Vidisco’s panels. As with all of Vidisco’s systems, the FlashX Pro fits into an easy-to-carry suitcase and can be set up in minutes.


The NDTPRO Industrial Film Digitizer is the first non-medical film digitizer produced by VIDAR. It provides a low-cost alternative to expensive laser scanners currently used throughout the industry.

Developed at the request of one of VIDAR’s major long-time partners who was looking for an alternative to the laser technology, the NDT PRO offers the industry a product that not only carries a smaller price tag, but also is much lighter and leaves a smaller footprint.

FUJIFILM Dynamix HR2 is a revolutionary digital imagining system.  The world's top class high spatial and density resolution and Excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) produce superb image quality